Would you like to have your most precious memory turned into a lasting and tangible artwork?

Relive that special feeling from the moment that is so dear to you? This moment can be forever captured in a unique and personalized artwork, providing you with a tangible keepsake, either for yourself or to bring joy to someone else.


There are numerous moments that are worth being portrayed, such as:

- Father/mother/child

- Family

- Friendship

- Marriage

- Pregnancy

- Commemorative portraits


There are many possibilities, and together, we can discuss your preferences and explore the available options, either through email, phone, or in-person meetings.


If you desire a handcrafted and personalized portrait that is entirely unique, I work on paper using pencil and ink, based on your most beautiful photo. If you're uncertain about which photo is suitable or if you can't decide, don't worry—I'll collaborate with you to make the selection. I can even combine photos to create the image you envision. Please ensure your digital photo is sharp (at least 1 MB) and send it via email.



There are different options for the artwork's execution and size:






1. Black and white line drawings (up to 3 persons):

   - A4 size: €180


   - A3 size: €235

2. Full-color detailed version:

   - A4 size: €280

   - A3 size: €335


   - A2 size: €425

3. Gray-scale version:

   - A4 size: €280

   - A3 size: €335


   - A2 size: €425





Portraits can be made from the backside perspective, and it is also possible to make the portraits even more personal based on your own photo, starting at €195 for A4 size.

For all versions, there is an additional charge starting from €45 for more than 2 persons, subject to discussion and assessment based on the photo. Larger sizes are available upon request, and all prices are excluding shipping costs.




Would you like your artwork beautifully framed?

I can frame it with a passe-partout in a lovely wooden A3 frame of your choice (black wood, white-washed, natural wood). Prices for framing are as follows:

- A4 size in A3 frame with passe-partout: €55

- A3 size in A3 frame: additional €40

- A2 size with passe-partout in A2 frame: additional €85

Other colors or larger frames and passe-partouts are available upon request.


The delivery time for the artwork is 4 to a maximum of 6 weeks. If you require the artwork on a specific date, we can discuss it together.


For more information on commissioning a unique and personalized artwork, feel free to contact me via the button below, and I will strive to answer your questions promptly.






Parent / child and Pregnancy Portraits

You know those moments when everything just feels right. As a parent, these moments tend to occur quite often. Why is that? Perhaps because you are proud of yourself, your child, and each other. Proud of life. These are the moments you wish to capture forever and never forget. I can immortalize these moments in a personal artwork, your own portrait as a cherished and special memory manifested in a unique painting!

Commemorative Portraits:


Your loved one as a tangible artwork, a lasting memory, forever. To remember, to find solace, to look at every day, even when they are no longer here. A symbol of eternal love that endures. Your dearest or most beautiful photo serves as a guide for the creation. Everything is open to discussion as it will ultimately be your artwork with personal meaning.


If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message, and I'll do my best to respond promptly.




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